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My primary degree is Theoretical Physics from the University of Dublin, Trinity College. MSc and PhD in Astronomy from same institute, based at Dunsink Observatory. Now stationed at ESOC, space operations centre in Darmstadt, Germany. I've not much time to devote to Wikipedia, but try to fit some minutes now and then. So far only created and edited Burkhard Heim, Heim Theory, selector calculus, Higgsless model, Henry Stapp, Pfungstadt, Amit Goswami, British Interplanetary Society, JBIS and International Transpersonal Association. I have edited junk DNA, consciousness and Austin Deasy. I'm also Aodhd, working on the Gaeilge version of Wikipedia (created page on physics there).

Edited a few more, such as Steorn , Soul.

Last but not least, I was known as an illustrator in Dublin - cartoons published in Phoenix Magazine, Disarm and The Irish Press. Some of my political cartoons went into my new book Grannies and Time Machines, published in Spring 2005. --hughey 10:03, 6 Dec 2004 (UTC)