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Face to Face

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Face to Face or Face 2 Face may refer to:





  • A series of tours by Elton John and Billy Joel from 1994 to 2010, starting with Face to Face 1994





Other uses[edit]

  • Face-to-face, also known as Face-me-I-face-you, a type of residential real estate, where a group of one-room apartments have their entrances facing each other.
  • Face to Face (photograph), a photograph of two warriors staring each other down during the Oka Crisis
  • Face-to-face (philosophy), a philosophical concept described by Emmanuel Lévinas based on the idea that people are responsible to one another in their face-to-face encounters
  • Face-to-face interaction, a concept in sociology, linguistics and communication studies involving social interaction carried out without any mediating technology
  • face2face (software), a software application to help mobile users identify when members of their social networks are nearby within walking distance
  • Face to Face, in Christianity, a type of three-day movement

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