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Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Redgrave speech

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VfD referendum on Redgrave speech, now at 50th Academy Awards:

  • Keep. jengod 18:08, Sep 7, 2004 (UTC)
  • Keep. Obviously 50th Academy Awards has potential, and the speech portion should now be a discussion on Talk:50th Academy Awards. -- Netoholic @ 18:17, 7 Sep 2004 (UTC)
  • The issue of whether the quotes should be moved to Wikiquote or Wikisource has yet to be addressed. Just moving the information to a new page and adding more information doesn't change the core issue. RickK 18:31, Sep 7, 2004 (UTC)
  • Keep the new page, but transwiki the quotes. BTW, this vfd page is ridiculously convoluted... --DropDeadGorgias (talk) 19:43, Sep 7, 2004 (UTC)
    • That's because Netoholic keeps rewriting it to match his view of the world. RickK 20:10, Sep 7, 2004 (UTC)
  • We have to transwiki the source matter. I have not wavered in this: I support the new article and jengod's good offices, but having this big, disruptive speech messes up the encyclopedic quality of the article. I support reporting on the speech and its reaction, but not a wholesale paste. For that matter, why, after all, are we pasting the speech in, except to justify Netoholic's desire that it be a merge? Is that worth making this Academy Awards article look different from the others, and different from other Wikipedia articles? Transwiki the source, and the article can be kept. Geogre 20:22, 7 Sep 2004 (UTC)
    • I object to your characterizations of my intent, and I request that both you and RickK restrict your comments to the article at hand.
Quoted text is very frequently part of our articles, since it give relevance and context to the event. At best, these should be copied to Wikiquote, but not wholly deleted. In any case, this discussion is completely out of scope and belongs on the Talk:50th Academy Awards page. -- Netoholic @ 20:35, 7 Sep 2004 (UTC)
Minor nitpick: I think it's perfectly relevant. Let's work things out while we're all here. For the record, although I changed my vote from delete to keep and I'm not going to change it again, I think Geogre's suggestion is a good one. --Ardonik.talk() 02:50, Sep 8, 2004 (UTC)
  • Keep the page and the speech. It's short enough that it doesn't really matter. Why summarize when you can present the whole picture? [[User:Gamaliel|Gamaliel File:Watchmensmiley20.gif]] 05:51, 9 Sep 2004 (UTC)

This page is now preserved as an archive of the debate and, like some other VfD subpages, is no longer 'live'. Subsequent comments on the issue, the deletion, or the decision-making process should be placed on the relevant 'live' pages. Please do not edit this page.